Saturday, October 13, 2012

Four more families buying homes!

Douglas and Linda (Kenya) are the most recent family to buy a house in Aurora through Emmanuel House - and are one of four Emmanuel House families who have purchased - or are in the process of purchasing - their first home this year. Another family is from Burundi, and two others are from the Democratic Republic of Congo. New families from Iraq, Burma (Myanmar) and Rwanda will be taking their place.

Additionally, Emmanuel House has brought on six additional apartments (three duplexes) on Aurora's Near East Side just this year alone. While we will continue to offer our program to refugee families at our original "Bryan House" location, these three new buildings represent an expansion of our mission to help other lower income families in Aurora begin to strengthen their families and their communities through home-ownership. Three families have already begun the program in East Aurora and three more apartments are under rehab. These are exciting times for our organization!

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